MCIS would like to acknowledge the funding support received from the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG)’s Ontario Victims Services (OVS) of the Province of Ontario. We would also like to thank the OVS staff that provided guidance, and support throughout the project.

MCIS would also like to acknowledge and thank the numerous subject matter experts and frontline services service providers who offered information and resources, shared their lived experience and work practice, protocols and policies – all of which assisted in the development of this training.

We also want to express our appreciation to all survivors, and the family and friends of survivors who aided greatly to the development of this training program by sharing their personal knowledge and perspectives on the issue of crimes against seniors. Their contributions were key to this training and will provide frontline staff with a more holistic perspective on the issue.

This training program would not have been possible without the professionalism, passion and dedication of MCIS staff, consultants and volunteers. And it would not have existed at all without the vision and leadership of Latha Sukumar, our Executive Director.

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