Module One: An Introduction to the Issue

The first module will present an overview of the diverse identities of seniors in Canada. This section will also provide a short introduction on ageism, the vulnerabilities experienced by seniors and the barriers they may experience when navigating their everyday lives.

Module Two: The Perpetrators and Types of Abuse

The second module will aim to present the types of perpetrators of crimes against seniors, and the types of crime, exploitation and abuse that can occur among senior populations.

Module Three: Service Needs and Safety Planning

This module will provide a foundation for recognizing, responding to and planning for immediate or short-term safety planning for senior victims of crime. This will include addressing senior client concerns regarding reporting, confidentiality, and interview strategies.

Module Four: A Continuum of Care of Senior Victims of Crime

This module will reinforce current knowledge on building a medium and long term safety and/or service plan for senior victims of crime. This module will also outline the basics of a referral and follow up processes, and describe the importance of collaborating with various organizations.

Additional Resources

The final module will provide resources and information relevant to supporting senior victims of crime. This section will introduce you the tools that will assist you finding local, provincial and national organizations, as well as organizations that specialize in working with seniors. 


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